Dramatic Designs Sri Lanka is uniquely positioned to bring you the best of both worlds, with extraordinary skill in both the interior and landscape design departments. Founded in 1999, the company has gained more than a decade of experience in creating truly ideal spaces for its clients. The talented designers of Dramatic Designs will change your world by transforming your home or workspace into a space of natural beauty and tranquility, where creativity can flourish and your mind can be at peace.

Dramatic Designs adopts a distinctive philosophy in everything they do; the design team takes its cues from nature itself. Inspired by natural colours, textures and patterns, the goal of Dramatic Designs' is to create an aesthetically pleasing space that is as close to its natural state as possible, a 'reproduction' of the natural landscape, working carefully to completely disguise the human hand behind the creation.

Dramatic Designs, the extraordinary father-daughter duo, offer you complete end-to-end solutions for your interiors and exteriors, managing operations from the early stages of design to the completion of the project. Working with specialist suppliers and manufacturers, and using all-natural materials, they will ensure an entirely bespoke result, suited exactly to your desires and needs.
NIHARA FERNANDO Interior Designer